B Corporation: How it started, how it’s going

by | Jul 9, 2021 | B Corporation

B Corporation: How it started, how it’s going

by | Jul 9, 2021 | B Corporation

B Corporation: How it started, how it’s going

by Caroline
9 July, 2021

And so it began, and so it goes on …

The journey to becoming a BCorp started way before we even knew what a B Corporation was. As a company and individuals, we cared. About the people we work with, the community we live and work in and our planet.

Initial BCorp Assessment

When we completed and submitted our initial assessment on 18th December 2020, we were excited, a tiny bit anxious, but overall delighted to have started on the process of recognition and acknowledgement.

We were even more thrilled to hear we had scored a very reasonable 97.5 out of 200. That might not sound great, but the benchmark for first assessment is 80 so we were very pleased with our score. Even mainly larger, well-resourced companies don’t manage to score much above 100/200 on first assessment.

B Labs is the organisation responsible for the final assessment so that we can finally become fully BCorps Certified. We know that over the past year they have been overwhelmed with applications from companies, that their resources are stretched and the queue is long. So now we wait. Edit: 14th August – exciting news from BLabs, we’ve received an email; our accreditation process is starting!

Overall B Impact Score for Warwick Events 97.5

How BCorp accreditation has affected us – now and the future

While we wait though, we have been busy – reflecting on what matters to us; what is important to us; redefining the way we work and how that translates into the work we do, now and in the future. What can we do right now that shows we are seriously committed to making changes, as a company with real purpose?

Since the pandemic began, we have become more disconnected from each other but also from everyone’s definition of success. So, we need to define our own success and what that looks like for us individually and as a company. For me personally, it is about wellness and well-being, inner peace and being happy. But also, about feeling confident that we are doing the very best we can (and we can do no more than that) to make our world and communities better places. That, for me, more than defines the ethos of becoming a BCorps. We need to demonstrate that everything we do from now on will prove we are ‘doing’ not just ‘talking’.

Sustainability and the Events industry

As examples, we have looked closely at what it means to be sustainable and have now understood that it is no longer ok to just be ‘sustainable’ but to be a company that puts regeneration – repurposing, reinventing and restoring – at the centre of everything we do. Creating ‘circular economies’ in every event.

We also know that the events industry has been responsible for some hugely wasteful practices that damage the environment, communities and leave a lasting legacy in the areas they pass through that are not always positive. So, to move on from ‘not more plastic water bottles or plastic cutlery’ – we are taking things further. In our planning, we look at every aspect of an event to measure the impact that it has, and if it isn’t good enough for us then we think about how we can make it better.

We take a field to fork approach, but with events.

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