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Helping companies who crave EVENTS that FEEL GOOD and DO GOOD. Creating sustainable event experiences with zest and personality.

Nothing beats meeting in person


Your event has the potential to be a game changer. Events inspire and unite. They help you to celebrate and grow.

Designed well, they become incubators for learning and strategic thinking. They reward commitment and can improve wellness. And they also have underutilised capacity to help the community.

The power of purpose is our secret ingredient. What are you meeting for? Because, to quote Nobel Laureate Maya Angelou “people will forget what you said, they’ll forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel”.


With sustainability at the core of our business, Warwick Events has one purpose – for people to meet responsibly. Our team take equal responsibility to take every step possible to become more equitable, inclusive and regenerative.


Warwick Events became a B Corp in 2021.  We are passionate about using our business as a force for good.  We strive to design exceptional events in a sustainable and, where possible, regenerative way.  There’s a continuous journey to being a better business – why not evolve with us? 

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If you want your event to make a positive difference to the local community, then you’ve found the right team.

Working with small independent businesses, street performers, charities, not-for-profits, schools and artisan start-ups our  events feel more farmers’ market than supermarket. 

Just like a touring circus, events often roll in and roll out of town. They bring additional traffic; put extra pressure on resources; leave waste and can disrupt local services. Working with us, you can change that. Your event can, and we think should, leave a community in a better place than when it arrived.

Here’s a few of our client partners

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Our team has a fantastic mix of personalities, skills and experiences.

However, there’s one quality that unites us all – empathy. Being able to see as others see and feel as others feel, gives us the ability to set the right tone for an event; choose superb activities and design meaningful experiences.

Warwick Events was established in 2010. We’re a team who genuinely care and want what’s best for you and your guests. When we refreshed our brand, we made sure our core value became prominent in our logo: our very own Ronseal™ moment!

With monthly dinners and meet ups for our core team and trusted freelancers, Warwick Events isn’t just a company. We are a community; work with us and you’ll see the benefits this brings to your event.

Like the sound of our creativity and ethos? Well, let's start chatting. You can message here. Send us an email. Or go 'old school' and give us a call.


Warwick Events Ltd, Elizabeth Court, Church Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6HB, England


+44 (0) 7458 057 100

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