Sustainability is in the past; why our future’s regenerative

by | Jun 10, 2021 | B Corporation, Sustainability

Sustainability is in the past; why our future’s regenerative

by | Jun 10, 2021 | B Corporation, Sustainability

Sustainability is in the past; why our future’s regenerative

by Jess
10 June, 2021

Sustainability is no longer enough – sustainable and regenerative, what’s the difference?

We want to show how and why we are making a difference. To underpin our words by deeds. That, for us is what becoming a BCorp is about. So while we’re all looking for ways to live sustainably, I have to admit it initially came as a surprise to me that sustainable isn’t enough. It’s worth understanding what sustainable means and how that differs from regenerative behaviours.

graph showing degenerative vs regenerative behaviour with sustainability leaving the environment as found

Sustainability is essentially about not causing any damage and keeping things as they are. However, when our actions are regenerative, the damage we’ve done to our planet can begin to be renewed or restored. We can leave a place better than it was before. Sustainability and regenerative practices are on a spectrum; it’s always possible to do more than just limit the damage we’re doing.

“The future of sustainability is regeneration: replenishing and restoring what we have lost and building economies and communities that thrive, while allowing the planet to thrive too.”

from ‘The New Sustainability: Regeneration’ Trend Report by J. Walter Thompson Intelligence

Warwick Events

At Warwick Events we specialise in events and experiences in a 50-mile radius. From using independent hotels to streetfood suppliers, wherever we work we use 95% of local suppliers, keeping economic gains at local level.

By using a charity venue rather than a corporate or a chain hotel for an event such as Bardtanicals, we’re funding the work of a local charity.

While employing local people, using local suppliers can also be regenerative in their nature by keeping traditions and heritage alive. Like using Avon boating for our Best of British event, a small company established in 1874, hiring their Edwardian boat services enables them to pay for maintenance to keep their boats on the water while employing local people. Alternatively, using an old, red, double-decker bus to move people between venues helps fund the museum it’s normally housed in.

Promoting local suppliers and celebrating local culture we always looking for ways to be more sustainable and to influence and change supplier and guest behaviours. B Corporation pending, we’re looking to better the benefit our business brings to the local community and use our events and travel as a force for good. If you’d like to find out how your next event or travel plans can be more sustainable and regenerative, get in touch.

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