Stress and pain? The Wellness benefits of deskercise

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Meet for wellness

Stress and pain? The Wellness benefits of deskercise

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Meet for wellness

Stress and pain? The Wellness benefits of deskercise

by Emma
15 June, 2021

Technology keeps us strapped to computers and electronic devices and with the current pandemic we’re sitting for longer periods of time than ever before. And our health is suffering the consequences.

How is your mobility after the end of a long meeting? Is your back stiff? Are you feeling more pain and twinges in your neck and shoulders? Suffering from headaches? These are all common side effects of spending long periods of time in one position looking at a screen.

You’ve likely heard that sitting is the new smoking; sitting for long periods doesn’t just result in temporary aches and pains. Research suggests sitting for most of your day increases your risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Unfortunately, that’s almost all of us. And studies have also found sedentary workers who exercised were at just as high risk for health issues as those who didn’t exercise regularly. For a desk-based worker, what’s much more crucial than intermittent exercise is regular movement, which prevents muscle breakdown.

At Warwick Events we offer a range of Wellness Workshops including a number of virtual event options.

‘Desk-ercise’; exercise at your desk with Wasps’ first team physio, Jamie Hamment

Stretching improves range of motion, posture, and reduces stress. Research indicates that periodic workplace stretching may reduce pain by up to 72 percent. If you are suffering with neck and shoulder pain, stress, lower back pain, headaches, or general stiffness after sitting at your desk, you’ll want to hear about the simple exercises you can do whilst in your chair to relieve postural problems and tension.

Jamie Hamment, First Team Physiotherapist to the Wasps, hosts a light-hearted session to guide everyone on how they can add short, simple stretching exercises into the working day.

Watch the first in our series of exercise at your desk with Jamie.


LASTS: Approximately 45 mins (or 1¼ hours for an extended Q&A session)

COST p/p based on 60 participants: £35 + VAT

Contact Warwick Events more details and to book your next Wellness event.

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