There are some nights you just want to last forever.

You know the ones. When the evening turns to morning, in the blink of an eye. Everyone together, celebrating.

It might be a special anniversary, a new venture, to celebrate success, a ‘best-EVER’ birthday bash or perhaps you just need to party. One thing is for sure. If you want a celebration that will be talked about for years to come – you’ve swiped right!

Retro lamp in ambient lit room
lasers over a candlelit table
Candelabra of brightly coloured led candles
New York Wall Street party decor signage
New York Taxi postcard and drinking glasses

Planning a party starts with knowing lots more about you – and your guests.

You talk. We listen.

This understanding helps us design a series of surprise and delight moments for you and your guests*. Most involve thought, no additional budget.

Take this menu – looks like a souvenir postcard and made this New York event look fab. But guests were more surprised to read a personal message from their Director on their card. Sweet, hey? Lots of lovely details like these, add up. And when people feel special, they’re primed to party, and party big!

A wonderful company to work with. Thoroughly recommend them if you are looking at hosting a private or corporate event in Warwick / Leamington / Stratford area. They are easy to work with, transparent and have some great ideas. Thank you Emma and Louise.


Emlyn E

Pink lit barn, long tables, people in the distance

We’ve picked out some of our favourite ‘meet to celebrate’ events for you to browse.

The work and creativity undertaken by Warwick Events exceeded expectations. Such a fabulous idea so well executed. The resulting engagement from the event was also fantastic providing an unexpected return on the event.

Dr Jackie Mulligan
Founder / CEO ShopAppy
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Our lockdown pass the parcel challenge exceeded expectations

The work & creativity by Warwick Events exceeded expectations. A fabulous idea so well executed. The resulting engagement was also fantastic, an unexpected return.

Like the sound of our creativity and ethos? Well, let's start chatting. You can message here. Send us an email. Or go 'old school' and give us a call.


Warwick Events Ltd, 13 John Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6UB, England


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