Which of Alpro’s team activities do you love the most?

When Certified B Corporation Alpro got together for a day of celebration, they enjoyed a huge range of team activities from axe throwing to reverse steer driving.

With their purpose clear – to escape the city, reunite and have some friendly competition; they enjoyed a packed afternoon of team activities at Adventure Sport. Topped off with a free-range hog roast from a local supplier and drinks (B Corp of course!) the only question is which of these is your favourite? (and could you do any better than Alpro did?!)

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The work and creativity undertaken by Warwick Events exceeded expectations. Such a fabulous idea so well executed. The resulting engagement from the event was also fantastic providing an unexpected return on the event.

Dr Jackie Mulligan
Founder / CEO ShopAppy
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Our lockdown pass the parcel challenge exceeded expectations

The work & creativity by Warwick Events exceeded expectations. A fabulous idea so well executed. The resulting engagement was also fantastic, an unexpected return.

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