Look to the past to inspire the future

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Meet to learn, Meet to unite

Look to the past to inspire the future

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Meet to learn, Meet to unite

Look to the past to inspire the future

by Emma
14 September, 2021

Did you have a go at baking during lockdown?

We think we cook from scratch; how wrong we are! Basic supplies like flour, butter or a box of matches are all things that didn’t exist 800 years ago.

As a sustainable event company, we are always looking for inspiration for new team experiences. With Covid restrictions lifting and companies looking to connect, events are on the comeback. Our latest team activity is The Great Medieval Bake Off. And it is a new favourite! Like participants in the TV Bake Off, you’ve got things to bake, but in our medieval version, you’re using authentic tools and following traditional methods. Ultimately, you experience exactly how your ancestors lived and cooked. Plus, you quickly realise how much more sustainable life was then. This is the ultimate off-grid team challenge!

However, bringing teams together is more complicated now.

There is a new perspective to ‘work’ and what we value.

The change to work from home was big. Nevertheless, we adapted. We learned to work more alone. And we had the opportunity to learn more about what we value. As we come back together, we need to highlight the advantages of helping each other out: focus on the benefits of being a team. Added to this, we want to reunite to have fun without unnecessary consumption and unneeded waste. Moving away from the need for cheap, shipped consumables to furnish games or motorised activities, at Warwick Events, we mix the best of the present and past together. And in doing so, create a space away from technology that encourages fun and collaboration.

In our Medieval Bake Off, two teams are pitted against each other in a series of challenges. The teams light a fire with flint and steel; they grind wheat with a hand-operated millstone; bake bread in an authentic Medieval bread oven; churn butter; roll ginger balls and make drop scones. And believe me – none of these tasks are easy!

The competition has the team learning and laughing all afternoon.

Aelfleda, the Cook; Will, the Baker and head judge nobleman, Sir Richard de Percy who all lead the activity are all historic reenactors. During the break, participants talk to our judges and ask questions about life 800 years ago. In addition to all the benefits of getting together, feedback always mentioned how much people learned. And how much they enjoyed learning. Participants are blown away by the research and reproduction. The teams do not use props. The equipment and resources they use are genuine handcrafted replicas.

Our experts demonstrate their craft at castles, museums and historic properties all over the UK. We are so lucky to work with them, benefitting from their unique skills: bringing people together and giving them a rare window into the past.

With 71% of event buyers thinking sustainability is really important, The Great Medieval Bake Off is just one of Warwick Events’ local sustainable experiences. These are not only good for the person and the company but also good for the planet. If you work in a team and you would like to reunite, talk to us. We’d love to help.

And if historical team activities are your thing, we know you’ll love our Medieval Mayhem.

Big thanks to The Wood Norton Hotel for such a stunning backdrop to showcase our new event and for providing the accommodation and food for our guests’ two-day programme.

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The work & creativity by Warwick Events exceeded expectations. A fabulous idea so well executed. The resulting engagement was also fantastic, an unexpected return.

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Massive thanks to you for such an enjoyable experience

I am absolutely delighted with how everything went, the initial enquiry, logistics, communication, organisation & delivery of the actual event, spot-on!

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