Who doesn’t love VIP hospitality?

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Latest news, Meet to reward

Who doesn’t love VIP hospitality?

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Latest news, Meet to reward

Who doesn’t love VIP hospitality?

by Jess
29 September, 2021

Repurposing a public event to an exclusive experience means you have more budget to spend on hospitality, rather than on entertainment. We share how we did just this, earlier in the month.

Case study: VIP hospitality at the Firework Champions

Who doesn’t love fireworks and being given the VIP treatment? Everyone loves feeling special. And if you’re a guest at one of our events, you’ll feel really special. In partnership with Ragley Hall, we invited our VIP guests to an exclusive experience of the Firework Champions.

Perched high in the Hall overlooking the main event

While the masses headed down to Ragley’s lakeside, we welcomed our VIP guests to a private drinks’ reception. With bubbles flowing and music playing, guests were a world away from the public event. Having space and time to chat and meet; all the time with the most spectacular setting and stunning grounds in the background.

So, how many people get to have a private tour of a family home like this one? There is always intrigue when you discover family secrets and scandals from times gone by! Sipping drinks, our guests saw hidden doors and heard crazy stories of the black sheep of the family. But when we asked them what they loved most – they all love the South Staircase mural by Graham Rust the most. It took an incredible 14 years to complete.

And, Lord, we were in good company!

Joined by the Marquess of Hertford on his private terrace, guests had the chance to see the beautiful gardens as the sun set. Looking down on over 8,000 visitors arriving, we were all super excited for the fireworks to start.

Following a candlelit evening meal, everyone was warm and snuggled up in blankets. Our private guests felt very privileged to have such an elevated, exclusive and intimate experience of the four firework displays.

Partnering with Ragley Hall, we created a VIP hospitality experience opportunity from an event that was already happening. Marrying the thrill of the magnificent firework displays with exceptional hospitality: the evening was sheer joy. The most special night for the select lucky few – we look forward to designing many more private VIP experiences with our friends at Ragley Hall.

Just a note to say many thanks for your hospitality on Saturday evening, you made us all feel very special and welcome. We loved the tour and the event, your team were very personable which really made the evening for us. Ruby sent many messages to her friends attending the event and thanks to your team now has the VIP bug! 

Simon, VIP Guest

For more ideas of how to create a VIP experience, why don’t you read about our private takeover of Shakespeare’s Birthplace?

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