Much ado about Sweden…

How do you keep 90 Swedes amused without Ikea, ABBA or Volvos? Luckily for us they really seemed to enjoy the 3-day programme we put together, even though it was sadly lacking in chicken-cooking muppets.

An education app company from Sweden wanted to hold their annual conference in the area, and mix it up with some great restaurants, activities and sightseeing. Now THIS is the kind of challenge we love!

Luckily for us we are based in an area steeped in history and surrounded by amazing places, so using all of our local knowledge, we put together a fabulous itinerary for them.  Rooting their meeting objectives and conference themes with what we have on our doorstep – working this together gives an event a real sense of purpose and place.

We started things off with a traditional pub lunch where everyone could mingle in the courtyard over beers and Great British grub.  We branded the pub (and some nearby pedestrian crossings!) with their company logo so it really felt like theirs for the afternoon.

Afterwards everybody checked into the hotel.  Complete with ‘customised’ oil painting photographs of the client’s staff mounted over hotel pictures!  When a distillery is too small for a group of 90 to visit then the next best thing is to bring the distillery to them.  That’s exactly what we did.  Our friends from the award winning Cotswolds Distillery created a special pop up materclass for us.  Guests were taught how to make the perfect gin and tonic (a necessary skill for anyone!) and then each team was tasked with creating their own signature drink for the company; the winning one would be served at the party on the final evening!

The first day was rounded off with Pimms and Lemonade in the Circle Bar of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and taking over the whole of their Rooftop Restaurant overlooking the River Avon for dinner – the perfect end to a really successful start to their conference!

The group was up early the following day for a private, before-hours, visit to Shakespeare’s Birthplace.   With no crowds, split into smaller groups, their own personal costumed guides, private theatrical performances, drinks,  breakfast canapés and a private viewing of the exhibition.  This was a real VIP experience for everyone!

Shakespeare Birthplace Lin entrance

Work had to take precedent at some point however, so the rest of the day was spent in workshops, held in some very funky rehearsal rooms near to the theatre. The space was great for what they needed to achieve: much more creative than a chintzy hotel meeting room.

From a ‘working space’ to the relaxed surroundings of the historic pub next door traditionally frequented by RSC actors – unfortunately there were none there at the time as we had exclusive use of the venue!

For the final evening we hired a fabulous barn out in the countryside – a real hidden gem, that only those in-the-know are aware of… To transfer everyone we arranged for two vintage buses to pick them up at the hotel; we even found them in the corporate colour and had the company name put on the front!

The group had an amazing evening – starting with the winning G&T and naughty nibbles; mouthwatering street food stalls; a technicolor doughnut wall (!) and a fully stocked bar! We booked a fantastic ‘one man band’ musician, who’s talent is infectious.  He got everybody up and dancing (even though we were told that they NEVER dance!)

The last day ended with a family-style sharing lunch at one of our favourite brasseries – a great opportunity for everyone to discuss the event before flying home.

The group really enjoyed their whirlwind trip and loved the ease of how it flowed- another Warwick Events’ success!

Location: Warwickshire
Attendees: 90
Duration: 3 days

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The work and creativity undertaken by Warwick Events exceeded expectations. Such a fabulous idea so well executed. The resulting engagement from the event was also fantastic providing an unexpected return on the event.

Dr Jackie Mulligan
Founder / CEO ShopAppy
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The work & creativity by Warwick Events exceeded expectations. A fabulous idea so well executed. The resulting engagement was also fantastic, an unexpected return.

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