From A to B Corps™; latest in our B Corporation® journey

by | Oct 6, 2020 | B Corporation

From A to B Corps™; latest in our B Corporation® journey

by | Oct 6, 2020 | B Corporation

From A to B Corps™; latest in our B Corporation® journey

by Caroline
6 October, 2020

A sustainable accreditation is more than a quick tick box activity. For a small business with a small but dedicated team, how is this achievable? The latest in our B Corp journey is winding, not without its challenges, but highly rewarding.

Measuring your impact takes time!

I think that we should look at some form of accreditation for Warwick Events!  Something that validates the way we work and have always worked.  That truly confirms what we believe and what we do with real purpose for the planet and for people.

And so it began.

We started this journey to B Corps at the beginning of 2020. As a team we all agreed it to be the perfect fit for us to become accredited, but also to give us a framework for continuous improvement in our sustainable and socially responsible practice. A framework that would make us think about everything that we do and how we do it. Does it have purpose? Does it help and support our local community? Does it help us to protect and improve our environment for the future?

ladybird on leaf

A framework for the future

We were very clear right from the start that this would become the model for our business now and in the future.  That we would use this framework to assess ourselves and our partners.

B Corporation assessment

What has become clear is that it is not a quick fix checklist or about sitting in a room for 2 weeks to complete the initial assessment (210+ questions across 5 impact areas) but a systematic look at the whole business.

The accreditation route was not a single highway to achievement but a winding (challenging) road with diversions and side roads all needing further investigation.

Creating and re-writing / re-visiting policies that were grounded in our ethos and beliefs but also that were honest and realistic to us as a small company with limited resources.

But what we also have is huge reserves of energy and the will to drive the business forward with purpose and intent.  So, we will get there.  It is not without its bumps along the way but we will do it and do it right.

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