What we do…

We are a one stop shop for your events.

It’s quite simple if you want the best event: that’s exactly what we will give you (although clients often tell us their event was much more than they expected…trumpet blowing moment over…).  With us you will get the best possible event for your budget.

From designing a concept that will really tickle your fancy; to proposing hotels you and your guests will love; putting together the ‘pick’ of unique activities – fitting perfectly with your times and location;  introducing you to our ‘little black book’ of dinner experiences; taking care of luxury and vintage transfers; creating an event theme; even buying and hand wrapping your locally made gifts…

But most importantly you’ll have our help; every step of the way.  Making decisions can be really difficult when, quite frankly, everything sounds so brilliant.  So we help you to choose what works well for you and your event.

Only working in a 50 mile radius from Stratford-upon-Avon, we have immense local knowledge.  Combine this with decades of international event experience, and you can start to see how this could really work for you.

You can leave us to do absolutely everything.  So you can enjoy yourself and spend quality time with your colleagues or customers.

We work on events of all shapes and sizes, from activities lasting 1-2 hours to multi-night programmes:

Team activities

Team time in StratfordLooking for something a bit different to the usual ‘raft building’…? Look no further!

You can solve a murder mystery around Stratford, learn how to fight like a Bond baddie or make the perfect gin & tonic…

Conferences & meetings

Procure4 Nigel and Chris Q&A

Instead of people gazing out of the window or doodling on their notepads, let us help you inject a real buzz into your next meeting!

We want people to feel energised and motivated, not bored and lethargic so talk to us about your next conference, and we promise you’ll notice the difference…

Two day events

Knight welcome

At least one sleepover is required to really get taste of this special part of the world.

Leave it to us to plan all aspects of your event…accommodation; meeting spaces; activities; mouthwatering dinner or a killer party –  we’ll arrange it all!

Multi-day events

Branded hotel entrance Stratford

With so much to do here, just one night isn’t long enough,  especially for our overseas visitors.

If you want an equal ratio of work to fun, then using our local knowledge, we can put together a fantastic event package.

From a Flash Mob Shakespeare welcome at the airport, to vintage bus transfers, meeting in cool and quirky places, with dining in style for a formal evening to your very own street food fest on a casual night and everything in between.

We’ll even help you choose a cute pillow gift, so that there’s a lovely surprise right up and until the final ZZZZZzzzzz’s…

Incentives and VIP experiences

Downton Abbey VIP DinnerWhether it’s your own private area within a public event, or an exclusive out-of–hours take over of a usually crowded tourist attraction, we can make sure it’s something your guests will remember for a very long time!

And just when your guests think they have the most amazing time – we always try to give them one more surprise.

We’re based in the spiritual home of the theatre – we have to delight everyone with an encore.  After all,  them’s are the rules!!!