What we do…

As Destination Event Designers, we think every moment should be special. We are experts in our local culture, designing authentic experiences, connecting with the individual personalities of our guests.

Award winning Warwick Events is the next generation of DMCs.

Designing immersive events is our business. In the simplest terms, we bring people together, here, in the heart of England to have best times of their lives. We know that’s a mighty claim. But that is exactly what we do.

And no one adds the finesse to an event like we do.

From designing a concept that will really tickle your fancy; to proposing accommodation you and your guests will love; putting together the ‘pick’ of unique experiences – fitting perfectly with your style and character;  introducing you to our ‘little black book’ of dining and drinks experiences; taking care of additional extras of luxury and vintage transfers; finding quirky meeting places and spaces; discovering historic links and connections; even buying and hand wrapping your locally made gifts…

An experience begins with a location. We only organise events within a 50 mile radius of Stratford-upon-Avon. We have immense local knowledge and 97% of our suppliers are local.

Every one of our guests feels that they really experienced our destination.

Learning about the people coming, their personalities and passions and the purpose of the event helps us to weave our local culture into your time with us. This invisible structure and flow creates spaces where all guests feel happy and included.

For us, corporate retreats, conferences, meetings, product launches, team activities and high-end individual or VIP group trips should inspire and excite. They should be programmes (or programs for our American clients) people are genuinely super excited about going to. So we consider all of our events to be incentives, however small or large.

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