Our story: WE are the worst attendees around.

Yep, you’ve read that correctly.  That’s exactly who we are.

You’ve probably got that one friend who always puts on the best parties; always organises great get-togethers;  always researches the coolest bar to meet up for drinks;  ‘finds’ a hidden gem of a lunch spot; always has a packed itinerary when you go away…well (modestly blushing) that describes all of us at Warwick Events.

And why do we do it?  Because we hate going to rubbish events.  We see the missed opportunities; the disjointedness (yes, there’s a gift Oxford English Dictionary, a new word for you!!) and the lack of empathy for guests.  The magic carpet ride doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes lots of thought, care and a genuine passion to make people happy.

Both at home and work, we share this curious desire to ‘out do’ ourselves.  Constantly searching on how to create another level of excitement; do something different; change the way of doing things or add an extra layer of luxury.

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We set the scene from the very beginning…

We set the scene from the very beginning…

We start constructing our events from the perspective of the guest who doesn’t want to be there.  The timid guest.  The cynical guest.  The ‘haven’t-got-the-time-to-be-here’ guest.  And if you can get the toughest crowd to engage – then you are winning.  And, believe us, we’re addicted to making that happen.

But you can only innovate when you have a thorough understanding of what’s been done before.  Since 2010, we’ve worked within a restricted 50 mile radius of our office in Stratford-upon-Avon.  Working in the same area; building relationships with our local hotels, venues, suppliers; finding the quirky; ditching the drab so we can immerse you in this wonderful part of the world.  Celebrating the heritage, culture and countryside.

But fundamentally, we are a team who genuinely care.

WE care about you, your guests and your event.  As if it were our own. 

Blankets for Guests to Use if Chilly