How to film your Pass the Parcel, TikTok style challenge

Have you been invited to our Pass the Parcel challenge? Here’s our step-by-step guide of how to create your TikTok style Pass the Parcel film. Before starting, we suggest watching the first part of this film, so you can see the Warwick Events team do the Pass the Parcel Challenge. Then read on for more detailed instructions:

What you’ll need

  • Your ‘Pass the Parcel’ parcel
  • Something to film with, in landscape (a mobile phone works much better than a tablet)
  • Ideally someone to throw your parcel to you, but not necessary
  • Indoor or outdoor location – moving any fragile items out of the way (depending on your throwing and catching skills we don’t want you to break anything, or anyone!)
  • Props or costume to Christmasify yourself and your surroundings. (Something smart? Something funny? Or the worst charity shop Christmas jumper you can find!)


  1. Prop up your mobile on it’s SIDE (it is really important that you film in LANDSCAPE) in a safe and secure location so you can see, as a minimum, your waist upwards.
  2. Reverse the camera, stand back and note the best spot to stand.
  3. Start filming in LANDSCAPE.  Ask a friend, family member or neighbour to throw the parcel from screen left (receiving it on your right). If you are by yourself, throw the parcel high in the air above you, so that it goes out of shot and then catch it (we can edit out the throwing part).
  4. Make a ‘face’ to camera when the parcel is caught. This is open to artistic impression: it could be a confused WTF? moment; a very cool nonchalant nod; a big smile etc.
  5. Move the parcel quickly up to the camera (extreme close up – to block light out) and hit PAUSE or STOP on filming.
  6. Decorate yourself and your background with as much Christmas paraphernalia as possible. Glam, silly or bad taste – it’s your choice!
  7. Put the parcel back close to the camera and re-start filming.
  8. Pull the parcel back quickly to reveal your Christmas outfit – strike a pose, make a face, do a jig – get creative on your big reveal.
  9. Throw the parcel off camera to your left (screen right) and stop the filming. If there’s no one there to catch the parcel, you can throw it onto a soft surface like a sofa, grass, cushion, pillow or dog bed. These are all good options to keep your parcel in one piece.

Top filming tips:

Make sure you’re filming in landscape.

Check you are catching the parcel on YOUR RIGHT and throwing it to YOUR LEFT.

The ‘action’ elements of your catching and throwing clips ideally will be 10- 15 seconds in total.

Don’t worry about sound, we’ll be adding Christmas music to your filming.

For some inspiration, check out Dave, Emma and Jess’ how to guides on Vimeo! (how to guide continues below).

How to upload your clip to us

We’ll be professionally editing all your lovely clips together. To upload your films to us, check when you need to get your clip(s) to us and please send them before the deadline you have been given:

  • Go to (you shouldn’t need to create an account but if you do, it’s free)
  • Click on the blue cross icon to add your files
  • Open the location of where the clip is stored. On a mobile this is likely to be in photo library or files. You may have to click for further options (for example three lines on android) and open the folder containing your video clip(s) (try videos or recent)
  • Select the clips you want to send
  • Add in the ‘Email to’ section
  • Enter your email address and please include your name and company in the message
  • We will send you an email to confirm we have received your clips

We hope you have fun filming and we can’t wait to see your clips! If you’ve got one really funny blooper moment, we’d love to see it too. Simply send it along with your other upload(s).

You’ll already have a date and time for your Premiere and you’ll be emailed your Zoom invitation one week before your Premiere.

Remember – don’t open your parcel (not even a sneaky peek!) and have it with you at the Premiere of your film.

We’re determined the current Tier restrictions won’t spoil your Christmas!

Emma, Caroline and Jess at Warwick Events