Back together (spaced out) again

I can’t tell you what an honour and a joy it was to organise a team away day in September. Following all COVID-19 secure guidelines, we brought a team back together.  And the laughter and fun they had not only lifted their spirits, it lifted ours too.

With months of working from home, our client had recognised that his team’s productivity was starting to dip.  There wasn’t as much collaborating and he could see a silo culture starting to develop.  Although really keen to get everyone together, understandably he was nervous and so were his team. 

First and foremost, choosing the right venue alleviates many fears.  We decided on the Orangery at the lovely Wood Norton Hotel because:

  • it’s a stand alone event space, with it’s own access.  So, there was no need to enter the main hotel
  • there are private men and women’s bathroom facilities in the space.  Limiting the use to our group and our group alone
  • the room can (normally) seat 130 people and we had 10.  Plenty of room for the event layout and a seated (socially distanced) coffee area
  • it has glass windows down one side with far reaching views across the Worcestershire countryside.  Having some consistency is important, in these newly formed environments and nature is a good constant to have

Then, we set about designing the day.  Fast paced team challenges in the morning, with the opportunity to catch up and have fun.  Thus, creating the perfect platform for a productive afternoon business session.  And you can take a sneaky peek of their day by watching our short film.  No need for popcorn, it’s only 60 seconds long!

‘I thought it went extremely well and you and your team delivered the best possible experience.

Despite all the restrictions with Covid etc and staff feeling a little nervous, there is nothing I can think of that could have improved on the day and the experience. Great day, fun, good food, lovely weather and happy staff. We also got great staff engagement thanks to Neil’s skills.

We have every intention of doing something similar or even better in the future, so get your thinking caps on.’

Greg, Managing Director