MPI: Being part of the event community is great

We work in an industry full of acronyms. So, what is ‘MPI’?

MPI stands for Meeting Professionals International. It is the largest meeting association in the world. You join as an individual. Some people have been members for 30 plus years. In contrast, I have only been a member since 2018 – so definitely still a newbie!

As with many associations, it requires lots of volunteers to make it work. So, I stepped up and volunteered to take on a bigger role straight after going to my first event.

I loved the first MPI event I went to. In short, I have a passion for learning and creating. And I found myself in a room full of people that do too. Keen to let others know about MPI, I decided to capture my first volunteering experience.

Watching this film fills me with hope

And, I have just found the film I made. It was at an MPI Insights event in January 2019. In these socially distanced, masked times, watching this film fills me with hope.

Firstly, there’s the energy of the presenters; seeing them interacting with a live audience. Secondly, it reminded me of all the new people I met that day. And finally, I remembered the great conversations that I had, ignited by the content we’d heard. There were free flowing conversations – no raising hands, no freeze frames or stumbling chat.

Digitally – we interact. On location – we meet.

Undoubtedly, the event industry will change. But this film reminds me of the feelings and sense of belonging I have for my MPI Community. This could not be and cannot be created digitally.

Digitally – we interact. On location – we meet. And there’s a big difference between the two…