Soho Farmhouse: did we love it? Read our review.

A favourite retreat for celebrities, royals and the influencing elite, there are claims this is the coolest hotel in the Cotswolds. But would Soho Farmhouse impress me?

Shortly before arriving, we pass some gates on the right. ‘That’s the Beckham’s house’, I learn.

There’s no driving on site. Bikes, electric retro milk-floats and chauffeured electric BMWs buzz you about. On arrival, we report in at a wooden gatehouse. People are out and about on matching bikes. There’s a big part of me thinking: have I just walked into a posh Center Parcs?

But, going inside the first barn, I change my mind.

I feel like I am actually walking through the glossy pages of ‘Homes and Gardens’ magazine.

I pop my orange bag on the sofa and sunglasses down on the table, and snap.

I’ve arrived in a social media ‘sharing’ paradise.

The detail of the interior design is impressive. You don’t get more ‘country cool’ than here. Even the coffee table books aren’t random publications. It was like my favourite section of Waterstones had been left for me to flick through.

Soho Farmhouse is part of Soho House, a private members’ club. The restaurants and houses are hubs for people with creative souls. Nick Jones’ opened his first members’ club in 1995 above his restaurant in 40 Greek Street. He started it as a club for artists and actors. Now there are clubs and restaurants all over the world.

The pigsties here are quite different to the teenage variety.

So, you can stay in log cabins. Choose to have a little timber clad house complete with grazing horses. These look like they’ve come straight from an episode of Anne of Green Gables! And you can actually stay in a pig sty!

There are quiet corners everywhere on this 100 acre site. Little nooks and crannies to find and escape – or watch the world go by. However, if you are looking for a bit more hustle and bustle, there are these too.

Having given you a quick glimpse into Soho Farmhouse, what did I think?

I honestly thought I was on a film set. Everything has been so carefully thought through and curated. After being bowled over by the surroundings, I was a little sad to not experience the same level of service from the staff. The personality just wasn’t there for me. But I think with the right people, you would get that injection of ‘soul’ that it needs.

Then, it would feel authentic, genuine and real.

Soho Farmhouse gets a 4/5 from me.

Visited on 6th August 2020, by Emma