Top 3 Activities and Experiences in Birmingham

We’re constantly adding to our little black book of inspirational excursions, luxury accommodation, dining and drinks. Have a read of our top three activities and experiences in and around Birmingham to see what takes your fancy.

Peaky Blinders tour

Let us take you on a dark journey into the world of Birmingham’s very own Mafia, the Peaky Blinders. While we can’t promise you their leader himself, the notorious Tommy Shelby, you’ll share the infamous story of the Birmingham’s influential urban street gang.

This city walking tour really brings to life the Peaky Blinders who terrorised the racecourses of England from the end of the 19th century up until the start of the First World War and the violent and bloody gang wars that erupted. Of course, there will be plenty of time to try a traditional ale in a pub or two, close to where the term “Peaky Blinder” was first coined.

Bollywood Dancing

Celebrated as the most diverse region outside of London, Birmingham is the city with the 3rd biggest number of Indian-born residents.

It’s therefore the perfect place to experience the art of Bollywood dancing, the spectacular Indian film dance form. With your own private instructor, learn the intricacies and symbolism of its gestures, footwork and beautiful costumes.

Bollywood dreams dance workshop, Birmingham

Flight Club Darts

For the competitive, we know you’ll enjoy the amazing atmosphere of Birmingham’s new Flight club darts experience. With the history of British pub darts dating back to Victorian times and the origin of the game dating as far back as the middle ages, darts is still a popular UK pastime.

Take over your own private space of the Temple Inn or Upstairs Bar. Compete in multiplayer tournament dart games with a twist. Relax and socialise with your own games master in charge of your personal playing schedule and leader board to experience this British game.

M15 not 9-5

We couldn’t quite stick to our top 3! New for 2020, immerse yourself in the culture and have a lot of fun on the way too with our bespoke ‘Escape Room on the Streets of Birmingham City’.

With the top secret GCHQ base just down the road, our Birmingham City Escape Room on the streets is the perfect place to test your espionage skills. With a mystery to solve, this immersive experience involves your guests meeting secret agents for dead drops, briefcase swaps & bribes, plus exchanging passwords with shopkeepers in return for further information.

In solving the mystery, you’ll get an authentic glimpse into Birmingham city life, helping you to explore many hidden corners of Birmingham.

The question is, are you more of a James Bond or Jason Bourne?

James Bond or Jason Bourne, Birmingham City spy tour challenge

At Warwick Events, when people ask us to design an event it’s important we understand their needs first. Recently we were asked if we could create a program for 100 international guests in and around Birmingham and we had fun putting together their bespoke programme. Using some of our favourite Birmingham activities and experiences and having discovered a few more along the way, we can create the perfect pick for you too. Subject to numbers, choose from our current favourite activities and excursions to experience in and around Birmingham, enjoying all that the area has to offer. Alternatively, do ask us for some suggestions that might match what you’re looking for.

Just a snapshot of the experiences we can offer, get in touch to see how Warwick Events can design your next event in Birmingham.