It’s Chriiiiistmaaaaas!

Office parties – what do they make you think of? Trying not to get stuck talking to Colin from Accounts, and drinking warm Pinot Grigio by the photocopier?

Well not if you’re at a Warwick Events Christmas party! We turned the hotel where Procure4 were staying, into their own personal nightclub for the evening – complete with vodka luge!


We found a lovely riverside hotel for them to stay overnight in and rearranged the main restaurant into two parts – one for their smart black tie dinner, and the other into the Club area…

We dressed the dining tables with baubles, diamonds and candles to give it a real opulent feel, and created a table plan using the bosses heads on cheesy record covers – this was a big hit! We also swapped the paintings in the room for photos from the company’s recent events, just to make it feel really personalised.

Christmas table settingChristmas table setting partyPicture replacementDSC_0050Exclusive Christmas dinner

After dinner they all moved around into ‘The Club’. Purple fairy lights, a neon ‘Club’ sign, DJ and vodka luge had been set up, so they could dance to Slade until the early hours.

Even Colin from Accounts enjoyed himself!

Attendees: 42

Location: Warwickshire

Duration: Overnight