Family Farm Day

Creating an event that will appeal to the whole family can be tricky; how do you find something that a phone-mad teenager will enjoy just as much as a four-year old?

When DENSO asked us to organise their annual family-fun day, we wanted to come up with something that appealed to all ages, and would also get the employees together without it feeling ‘forced’…

In the past they’d treated their staff to a day at a theme park but this didn’t really get different employees mixing together, as each individual family tended to go off on their own. So instead we hired a lovely country venue with grounds to create a bespoke private farm.

DEN15As we were out in the countryside, we thought bushcraft activities would be ideal. Everyone could take part in archery, foraging or den-building, all taught by qualified instructors, and most families chose to give all three a try!


To keep the little ones amused we brought in some old-fashioned fairground stalls along with a bouncy castle- even though I think the ‘test your strength’ machine was probably a bigger hit with competitive dads!

My personal highlight of the day however, was the pig racing…! And yes, it was as good as it sounds! Races ran throughout the day along with a brilliant falconry display. And when people got a bit peckish there were street food vans serving delicious organic burgers, crepes or stone baked pizzas.

The day was a great success and nearly everybody who attended stayed for the whole duration; the sticky candy floss smiles on the kids faces certainly suggested it was a hit anyway!

Attendees: 120 people

Location: Warwickshire

Duration: 6 hours