Everything stops for ‘team’. But does it?

Do you like routine?  I do.  Doing things in the same order gives us comfort – and it makes life easier.  As soon as I arrive in the office, the kettle goes on.  I can’t sit at my desk without a cup of tea!  I know, so stereo-typically British.  Yep, that’s me.

But habits can restrict us: especially at work.  Why is it that 90% of our clients always want to have their team activities after their conference or meeting?  Is it the best time? Or simply the way things have always been done?

When Airbus wanted to organise a team booster, we turned the day on its head.  Their team was spread across the country.  Coming together here, in Stratford-upon-Avon, nice and central, was the first time some of them had met face-to-face.  So they started their day blowing away the cobwebs from their journeys.  They bounded around our historic streets on an iPad treasure hunt. Split into smaller teams, responding to questions and challenges.  Getting to know one another, informally.  We chose to have lunch in a cute pub; continuing with keeping things friendly and relaxed.

“Thank you for organising a great team booster event; I’m sure you’ll hear from Airbus again”.
Hannah, Airbus

Check out the short snippet of the group watching the photo / video montage from their morning antics.  As you can see, they had a good time.  A really good time.  And we walked them back to the lovely Arden Hotel for their meeting.  They left lunch feeling like a team.  And I think more likely to participate fully in their afternoon session, now that know one another.